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    Moveable animal pen: Manage animals better with Porta-Pen from Bonnox

    You will not find an easier, more convenient and more effective solution than the Bonnox Porta-Pen, says Willie Jansen van Rensburg from Bloemfontein in South Africa. Porta-Pen is a sturdy mesh-wire pen that is quick and easy to set up to keep your animals safely where they belong. It is as easy and simple to […] More

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    Drought in Namibia: What to do to survive

    If you are in a drought, most people say you should have planned for it. But it is too late for prior planning when the drought is upon you already. Presently the question is not what farmers should have done, but what can they do NOW to tide through the present drought. The only solution […] More

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    Aqua Air Africa launches Africa’s first atmospheric water generating plant

    Aqua Air Africa, a subsidiary of Moipone Group Investments, launched Africa’s first atmospheric water generating plant in Ga-Rankuwa Pretoria on Friday, 29 November 2019 aimed at tackling the critical scarcity of potable water in South Africa. The plant, which is based in the old Ga-Rankuwa Industrial Zone, produces 10 000 litres of clean potable water […] More

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    Botswana’s meat export: South African beef producers under pressure

    The Ministry of Agriculture in Botswana opened its borders to live cattle exports from September 2019 for six months. This trade directive will remain in effect until 31 March 2020, and includes exports to South Africa. “This announcement is unacceptable and creates uncertainty in the market, said Gerhard Schutte, CEO of the RPO (Red Meat […] More

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    Beweidingsopsies vir droë gebiede in SA: Tipes Weidingstelsels

    Uit ‘n Gids vir grondgebruikers, deel 2, saamgesteld deur: Claire Relton, Bonnie Schumann, Cobus Theron en dr Sue Milton-Dean, borg: Global Environment Facility Eerste en mees belangrik, word weidingstelsels in twee hoofkategorieë ingedeel: Aanhoudende beweidingstelsels en Wisselweidingstelsels. In beide gevalle kan dit geïmplementeer word met of sonder die omheining van kampe. Elk van die stelsels […] More

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    Plant with the Xfarm NTX disc planter; get bigger yields

    Xfarm is a common name amongst farmers when it comes to the best planters for conservation tilling. “We have been involved in the development of suitable, efficient planting implements for the South African farmer,” says Rinus Willemse, managing director of Xfarm. This firm designs and manufactures their implements so that they can prepare a perfect […] More

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    With BBEnergy as partner you can utilise water wisely

    Under present circumstances in South Africa it is imperative that farmers save every single drop of water on their farms. The country does not have an abundance of water and without water a farmer cannot practice his trade. Having BBEnergy as partner, makes it possible for the farmer to save water and energy in a […] More

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    Install JoJo tanks to save water for a rainy day

    Water in a tank is worth more than money in the bank. For that reason the wise farmer will devise a plan to store water for domestic and agricultural purposes. It will be equally wise if he decides on quality JoJo tanks as the perfect solution. Julien Smith, area manager of JoJo Tanks for Northwest […] More

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    Save water with a versatile Staalboer dam on the farm

    “The best way to collect and save water on a farm is with Staalboer dams,” says Bertus Greeff and his father, Gerhard, of the farm Kleyne Wolvegat in the Caledon district. “I am much taken up with the quality of the Staalboer dams and even so with their quick, professional service which comes cheap at […] More

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    No electricity? Pump with Speck Pumps SA solar power

    Fifty years of service delivery in South Africa has taught Speck Pumps SA that no pump should stand idle and, even more important, that no pump should stand idle simply because there is no electricity. “Speck Pumps SA supplies various speciality pumps for irrigation systems, swimming pools, spa baths and fish ponds,” says Lize Westwood, […] More

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    Botswana hit hard by the African drought

    Livestock like cattle and goats, and even elephants, are dying daily in Botswana, the heat is ever more intense than before and beef exports, which have been declining for the past 35 years, are drying up. This drought threatens the culture, tradition and employment rate of Botswana. “It is the worst drought ever, there is […] More

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    Farmers can step up security with Secutel Technologies

    “Our product range can warn the agriculturalist against threatening danger,” says Carel van der Merwe, sales account manager of Secutel Technologies. “The farm murder figure for the past year stands at 47, which indicates that farmers still have to improve their security measures. That is where Secutel Technologies can assist them with their electronic security […] More

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