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    ProAgri Zambia 036

    As Africans, not all of us are lucky enough to farm close to the equator where rainwater is in abundance. The further we move away from the centre line of the earth, the bigger the risks and the tougher it becomes to plan our farming operations ahead, since rainfall can stay away for inconvenient long […] More

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    THE BAKKIE: Willing workhorse on every farm

    “The UltimateDrive Media Team every year drives just about every new vehicle model launched in South Africa. In fact, sometimes the same model goes through the hands of a number of their test drivers. Personally I test between 80 and 90 models every year and, on average, I’m behind the steering wheel on the road […] More

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    Trekkerverkope daal vir November

    Trekkerverkope van 428 eenhede in November is heelwat (27%) minder as die 589 eenhede wat verlede November verkoop is. Vir die jaar tot dusver (die eerste elf maande van die jaar) is trekkerverkope nou net 4% meer as verkope vir die ooreenstemmende vorige tydperk. Stroperverkope van nege eenhede in November is twee eenhede minder as […] More

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    Scania carry the heaviest load with a smile

    “I will only replace a Scania with a Scania,” says Rossouw van Bergen, owner of Noordkaap Landboudiens transport company and irrigation farmer from Backhouse Farm near Douglas. Rassie Jonker, who has been driving Rossouw’s Scania trucks for the past 23 years, agrees: “The best thing that has been manufactured on earth, is a Scania R […] More

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    ProAgri 226

    “Ek gee om vir my goed; ek het hard gewerk daarvoor,” vertel ’n suksesvolle Vrystaatse boer. Na vyf- of sesduisend uur se werk lyk sy trekkers nog of hulle nuut op die handelaar se vloer staan. Nie eers stof word in ‘n kajuit toegelaat nie en sy mense weet, jy maak nie ’n trekker of […] More

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    Macadamia Talk

    Macadamia presentation taking place at Fringilla Lodge, Chisamba, Zambia on the 4th of December. The main speaker is Mark Hassenkamp from South Africa, the topics will revolve around the feasibility of farming macadamias in Zambia, the global markets, China, as well as pre and post planting. RSVP to Peter at 096-778-7442 More

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    Beneficiate farm waste – distil it and create craft liquors

    Potatoes not the correct size? Banana skins too brown? The grain price not even paying the diesel for delivery to the silo? Heart-breaking! However, there is a way out of this conundrum – beneficiation of crops such as grain and fruit not normally processed on the farm: Distil them! There is a whole new market […] More

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    Smart, affordable pump control with Smarta technology

    You may just as well, day and night, stand next to your borehole and see down there, in person, many metres below ground level, exactly what your borehole pump is doing . . . but there is a condition – you must install the Smarta pump management system. Smarta shows you, anywhere in the world, […] More

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    Valtrac solves the main problem of pecan nut farming:

    An exciting and lucrative product to produce is pecan nuts and it does not seem as if the demand and resulting favourable prices will reach a ceiling in our lifetime. However, every paradise has its snake and in pecan production the snake was harvesting and cleaning the nuts. Clever contraptions looking like whisks or egg-beaters […] More

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    40-year old Zimmatic still going strong

    More than value for money – that is what a Zimmatic pivot offers the farmer; not only because of its efficiency, but also because of its durability. In October 1978, Guillaume de Swardt, maize and wheat farmer from Taaiboschpoort close to Petrusville in South Africa, bought the second Zimmatic sold in South Africa. Nowadays, Guillaume […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 035

    A number of massive agricultural acquisitions were seen over the past two years. Bayer bought Monsanto for $63 billion in a transaction completed in June this year. This was a two year long process and had to be approved by the anti-monopoly authorities of 30 countries. The value of this transaction is more than two […] More

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