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    John Deere: Dit gaan oor mense

    Dit is mense wat die kos eet wat die boere produseer. Dit is mense wat toerusting koop en verkoop. En dit is die mense van John Deere wat die verskil maak en sorg dat groen die kleur van gehalte en diens aan die landbou is. Eddie Schüler – Besigheidsontwikkelingsbeampte van die Jaar “Wanneer boere in […] More

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    Valtrac is a bright star with new technology implements

    Valtrac, a company with its head office in Parys in the Freestate, has a treasure chest of new technology and exciting innovative equipment, which the company wants to re-introduce to farmers. The new developments were already on show at last year’s NAMPO Harvest Day. The Valtrac exhibition at NAMPO indicated that farmers were keen to […] More

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    Scania help die boer om ’n plan te maak

    “Amper al ons kliënte in hierdie streek het iets met landbou te doen en een ding wat ons sien, is dat ’n boer altyd gereed is om ’n plan te maak,” sê Morné Botha, streeksbestuurder van Scania in Bloemfontein. Die streek strek van die Noord-Kaap af deur die Vrystaat en Oos-Kaap, tot by die see. […] More

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    SmartTouch: Valtra se slim beheerarm reik na ryk oeste

    Makliker, geriefliker en doeltreffender kry jy nie: Valtra se SmartTouch-beheerarm haal al die smart uit trekkerbestuur. Verby is die dae toe ’n swetende, stofbelaaide boer op ’n bonsende trekker moes rondstamp terwyl hy op die stram koppelaar staan en met ’n tros halsstarrige ratkieries spook – vandag sit hy sag in die lugversorgde weelde van […] More

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    Valtrac celebrates its coming of age – 21 fertile years

    “We have a responsibility towards our environment and our people,” says Wynn Dedwith, founder and owner of Valtrac, the agricultural machinery manufacturer, which recently celebrated its 21st birthday in the company of its people and in the environment it is dedicated to. Farmers, dealers, suppliers, personnel, the media and the extended Dedwith family gathered at […] More

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    Valtra takes the lead with service, technology and reliability

    “The new Valtra is like my Harley Davidson – the seat remains soft and comfy even on the longest tour,” says Gerrit Herbst from Lichtenburg. He and his two sons, Barnie and Gerrit, have an extended crop farming enterprise. Since mid-December, they had to cover great distances in the tractors to prepare and plant the […] More

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    John Deere Technician of the Year: ‘My blood is green’

    “I care for my ‘things’ because I worked hard to get them,” says Johann Smith of Mispa Boerdery near Bethlehem. Among his “things” are 21 big John Deere machines and a comprehensive variety of valuable miniature collection pieces and toys. “My blood is green,” says Johan, “because John Deere is the leader in agricultural technology, […] More

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    Aquaponics 6: Get the little things right

    In this last part of the series on aquaponics we focus on the little things that can become big things if not attended to. Very often new aquaponic farmers setting out to conquer the world have spent so much time, energy and research on sourcing material and building their systems that they forget they still […] More

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    John Deere rewards staff for service excellence

    “Never make an excuse for your success,” was the advice given by Jacques Taylor, managing director, John Deere South Africa, to this year’s victorious team at the annual John Deere prize giving. The annual gala occasion was first held a number of years ago to acknowledge the firm’s top technicians who have to provide technical […] More

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    LEMKEN says: Thank you a thousand times:

    “We are thankful to those farmers who grasped the value of combination cultivation and the Lemken way of soil preparation, and capitalised on all the advantages of the LEMKEN way of doing it,” says Karel Munnik, Manager of the German manufacturer’s South African office. The 1 000th LEMKEN, since the establishment of the local office […] More

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    Plant pecans and leave rich pickings for generations to come

    180 years. That is for how long a pecan nut tree can yield its rich annual nut crop. With an expected productive life that long, today’s investment for the future of your children and children’s children deserves to be given the best possible sendoff. Hardus du Toit, senior technical officer of SAPPA (the South African […] More

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