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    Precision smart farmtech offer by Aerobotics and Rovic Leers

    Smart information is essential for successful farming. It forms the basis of smart decision-making. But smart information also demands smart applications – if not, it will only remain colourful pictures on a screen. To make the above come true, farmers can now profit from a special collaboration agreement between Rovic Leers, with their advanced sprayer […] More

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    ProAgri 239

    “Alles begin met ’n droom,” sê Nick Serfontein, wat deur die Landbouskrywers as Boer van die Jaar aangewys is. Ons betree nou ’n nuwe jaar en ’n nuwe dekade. Ongelukkig bring die omblaai van die kalender of die oopmaak van ’n nuwe, vars dagboek nie noodwendig vir ons ’n beter reënseisoen, ’n eerliker regering, ’n […] More

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    Cleverest ever John Deere four-track tractor surprise in SA

    The smart, powerful new John Deere 8RX – the industry’s first fixed-frame four-track tractor with four caterpillar tracks, will also be launched in South Africa in 2020. The 8RX combines artificial intelligence, electronic control through the internet, and advanced automation, which will help farmers to farm more efficiently. The newly developed tractor was recently recognised […] More

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    ‘SA farmers light years ahead with John Deere technology’

    “When you talk agriculture, John Deere technology is light years ahead of the rest.” – This is the opinion of Wikus Coetzer of Senwes, Wesselsbron, adjudicated recently as the John Deere Technician of the Year. South African farmers take hold of the technology even before it arrives in the country. This implies that Wikus and […] More

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    ProAgri 238

    Dit is ’n nasionale ramp. Geen veilings word toegelaat nie as gevolg van bek-en-klouseer. Veilings vorm steeds die ruggraat van ons veeverhandelingsbedryf en die nasionale verbod op vei lings gaan nie net veeboere nie, maar almal wat iets met die vleiswaardeketting te doen het, hard slaan. Dit sluit verbruikers in. Die uitbreek en verspreiding van […] More

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    ProAgri 237

    Die borrel gaan bars! So het almal gesê toe wildspryse deur die dak geskiet het en mense op loop gegaan het met eksotiese kleure en kruisings van wild. Daar was toe nooit een harde slag nie, maar mense het hulle vingers verbrand en die mark het bedaar. In ons verlede was daar volstruispaleise en karakoelkonings. […] More

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    Meet our distributors

    This issue of ProAgri BNZ would not have been in your hands were it not for the valued support our distribution partners. Omnia, with its many branches and cash-and-carry depots all over Zimbabwe plays a pivotal role in distributing a wide range of agrochemicals to all farmers. ProAgri now also enjoys the benefit of this […] More

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    Combatting the drought at the Windhoek Show

    It goes in as seed and comes out as feed. Dries Joubert of Feedgrow says millions have been spent by Feedgrow to perfect the process and the units for waterwise green feed production. It takes six days for the grain seed to develop into a highly digestible green sprout. Tests with barley show digestible protein […] More

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    Waterwise farming: Flowers can bloom in the desert

    “We want to prove that agriculture can succeed in harsh conditions and then we can replicate this concept elsewhere,” says Christopher Kahle, Managing Director of Shalom Farm outside Swakopmund. After driving for kilometre after kilometre watching dry bush turn into sandy soil from Windhoek to the coast, seeing the first green tree-tops of the olive […] More

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    Where there is water, Reinke turns arid lands into oases

    “When you find water on your farm and you don’t make the most of it, it would be better to give the farm to someone who can make more of it,” says Martin Ritter of the farm Woltemade at Imkerhof, about 200 km north of Windhoek. The present Ritters are the third generation on the […] More

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    Irrigation- Less effort; more accuracy: Farm Agrico green with blueberries

    “I feel more in control of my farm,” says Ernst Myburg of the farm Lekkerwater near Porterville in the Cape province of South Africa. Ernst and his wife, Alana, took the big step on their blueberry farm with an improved and automated irrigation system. “You cannot afford not to join the precision irrigation revolution,” he […] More

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    Farmers score in Pioneer Weigh-and-Win in spite of drought

    “It was a fallow land,” says HF Cilliers of Douglas in the Northern Cape Province. Participating for the first time in the Pioneer Weigh-and-Win competition, HF had the highest harvest yield ever. He achieved a yield of 20,871 tons/hectare for maize under irrigation on the two hectares that were entered for the competition. HF planted […] More

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