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ATN’s new X-Sight works by day and night


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Just when you thought ATN achieved everything that you can expect from a telescope with their X-Sight II… meet the X-Sight 4K! It really works by day and night. Now you can simply touch a button to switch between full high-definition (HD) day or night sight to enjoy a field  experience that commenced in the afternoon until late into the night, thanks to the new built-in lithium ion battery.

The X-Sight 4K contains a lot of new technology, but the ultra low power consumption and nifty processing ability of the Dual Core processor enables smooth, quick operation of the software and keeps everything nice and cool. It is the first digital telescope that offers 18 hours of uninterrupted battery use.

Any field trip should begin on the range, but with the one-shot zero adjustment, you will quickly exchange the range for the field where you want to be. You aim, squeeze, peruse the screen, adjust your digital crosswires (reticle), and presto! – you are ready to hit every target.

One-shot zero sighting adjustment

To further enhance you accuracy, the 4K also calculates the distance to the target with stadiametric distance determination. You take two readings of your target, for example on top and below, and the telescope determines the distance and adjusts the point of impact of the digital cross-wires automatically.

As can be expected from ATN, the telescope also has a built-in ballistic calculator. The clever telescope uses the ballistic calculator to take the distance, wind, profile of the weapon, angle of aim, temperature and humidity into account to help you to be responsible.

Ballistic calculator

Now that you know you can hit the target, you would like your partner to experience the shot with you, and afterwards you will want to watch it again and again. The X-Sight 4K can transmit an high definition image in real time to a smartphone or tablet, while at the same time recording the action on a memory card so that you can watch it later. This is a function of the Obsidian 4 processor now used in ATN’s new telescopes.

ATN claims: “You asked; we listened.”

The best part is that you do not even have to fidget around to find the play or record button while the prey is ready for your shot. Simply switch on the recoil activated video (RAV) beforehand, and the telescope will do the rest. You will get a beautiful, clear video of the moments before and just after the shot – and of course of your prefect hit.

ATN has been used and depended on in the USA, Europe, and beyond for over 20 years and in South Africa for close to a decade. You too can rest assured that, while your prey will not survive, your telescope will. The X-Sight 4K is encased in tempered aluminium alloy and the electronic components are designed to handle the effects of high-impact machinery.

The telescope is easily mounted onto a wide variety of calibres with the standard 30 mm rings included in the kit, and you don’t need a degree in communication technology for the controls.

Easy mounting and controls

The main distinction of the X-Sight 4K is, however, its ability to enable you to clearly see everything that is happening by day and night. In a very dramatic demonstration video the marksman is suddenly taken from bright daylight to pitch darkness… and with the mere touch of a button he simply and calmly continues shooting without interruption.

The different pictures you can see with the telescope look like this:



It does not matter whether it is day or night, you still get your high definition video encapturing all the action.

Klick here to see a demo video.

Click here for more information on the price.

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