Agritech: Agrico shows how to beat the drought

The two Azud filter systems supplied by Agrico are very popular throughout the world and are now making a welcomed appearance in Zambia. Francisco Garcia Calvo, Sabastian Stobart, Ivan du Plooy, Handré Wiese and Brad Stubbs are flanked by the two models.

Agrico pivots are popping up like mushrooms all over Zambia and the end is not in sight yet. “We are sending out many quotes and most of them are approved. Some of them are huge projects,” says Sebastian Stobart, Managing Director of Agrico Zambia.

This year, Agrico again displayed their wide range of irrigation products and implements at Agritech. They also took the first prize for the best irrigation stand. An Agrico pivot was also responsible for the irrigation of the many demonstration plots on the Agritech terrain.

Ivan du Plooy is the Marketing Manager of Agrico Southern Africa, and he manned the stand for the duration of the show. “This is my first year at Agritech and I am here to listen to the needs and requests of the farmers. Every year we are building on our presentation, and next year we shall have more products – and soon we might see an Agrico-tractor on the stand,” he says.

Besides offering the complete pivot irrigation system from surveying, designing, installation, commissioning and after sales support, Agrico also supplies drip irrigation and micro irrigation systems. “We deliver most of our drip and micro systems on the farm where the client can install it,” Ivan says.

Agrico manufactures their own pivots, PVC and polyethylene pipes and various agricultural implements. “Therefore we can offer it to the farmer at a much better price,” Ivan says.

They are also agents for many world renowned brand names such as KSB end suction pumps, Shakti borehole pumps and motors, and NaanDanJain micro sprinklers.

The latest addition to their product range are Azud filters from Spain. “We offer two types of filters to Agrico and the Zambian farmer,” Francisco Garcia Calvo from Azud, who visited Agritech, says. He demonstrated the Helix disk filtration and the Luxon screen filtration system at the stand.

Helix disc filter system

This automatic disk filtration system is very reliable and one of the most popular filtration systems in the world. Agrico offers various models with different groove sizes. The 200 micron model is most suitable for pivot irrigation and the 130 micron is suitable for drip lines. They also offer the 100 micron system when even cleaner water is required.

Luxon scanning screen filter system

The Luxon system operates either electrically or hydraulically. The control unit of the hydraulic model is powered by batteries. The system cleans itself with an automatic backwash function. The Luxon has a big door on the side for easy cleaning and maintenance.

It is advisable to open the filter systems once or twice a year. This is solely needed for inspection or to do the odd maintenance which depends on the working conditions and the water quality, since maintenance on filters largely depends on water quality. But both filtration systems need almost no normal maintenance and rarely have to be opened.

Agrico is geared to serve from small to large farmers, and the more towers, the less expensive a pivot irrigation system becomes per hectare. Their pivots and pumps can also be internet controlled via a smart device or computer from any place in the world.

Contact Alfred Andrag at +27(0) 82-824-1214 or +27(0) 21-950-4111 or send an e-mail to for more information on Agrico’s superb product range.


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