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Agrico’s HSD scores a hat trick for the farmer

Eben and his son Benro are highly satisfied with all the advantages offered by the Agrico HSD.

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Fulfilment on a farm is when the farmer needs an implement to perform a specific task, then finds one which exceeds his wildest expectations and, even more important, at a lower price than its competitors. Agrico perfected this hat trick with its HSD (High Speed Disc)!

Eben Botha farms in the Freestate district of Harrismith. He seasonally rotates maize and soybeans with sugar beans as a lesser cash crop. In winter his Beefmasters and SA German Merinos graze the lands to supplement their low quality sour veld natural grazing with harvest rests. On Eben’s farm the normal procedure is to disc in lime or the harvest rests before tine cultivation, but the available implement did not come up to scratch. Disc cultivation tends to leave a hard plough-sole which prevents water from entering the deeper soil.

Eben was on the hunt for an implement which could do a double job – work the harvest rests into the soil and simultaneously prepare a neat seedbed. He did what modern farmers do today and browsed YouTube in his quest to find a vibrating type speed harrow. He found the Agrico HSD (High Speed Disc), which does not mix the soil to the extent of other implement types.

When the correct depth is set and it works at optimal speed, the contra discs will ensure that everything is done to Eben’s satisfaction.

Following some research, and also consulting a fellow-farmer, Eben made contact with Agrico. He received his four metre HSD rather late in the season and actually bought the demonstration model brought by Christo Hepburn to the farm. A small section of land still remained to be cultivated, the HSD was calibrated and set to work…

Eben initially came to grips with Agrico’s machines when he used their T800 ripper for primary cultivation. “My neighbour was very impressed by the performance and price of the T800. I then bought one suitable for my conditions in 2017 and a second one in April last year.

“Now, after the HSD started turning the soil, it has become one long, easy road down a hill. There is a huge improvement in the manner that the HSD tills a land. The two contra disc rows cut the mealie stalks just above the ground and then into small pieces which are buried neatly under the topsoil where it quickly breaks down into compost. Simultaneously the wetter soil is mixed with the deeper, drier soil. There is no compaction layer and it leaves the correct size sods; the soil becomes like a sponge inviting one to seed it.”

Eben could seed a very demanding land successfully this year thanks to the Agrico HSD.

Eben tows his four metre HSD with a 104 kW tractor. He works at 10 cm deep and at 10,5 km/h to prepare the seedbed. Harvest rests can be worked at 12 km/h and 15 cm deep. The implement is carried on the 3-point hoist and working depth is effortlessly and accurately controlled by means of the roller. He works wider and faster in a higher gear at lower revolutions (1800 tot 2000) than before and saves on diesel consumption in the process. He cannot wait to utilise his HSD for liming a land once the time is opportune.

Buy South African. It is relatively inexpensive and designed for African conditions. Contact Alfred Andrag on (cell) 082-824-1214 or (landline) 021-950-4111, or send an email message to for more information on the Agrico range of innovative products.

Agrico employs the latest technology in their product development process. This is an example of the tension analysis on the frame of the HSD 630.

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