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Agrico’s HSD 630 harrow: Prepare perfect fields

Soil tillage on Doornwacht will never be the same again since Agrico’s HSD 630 made its appearance on the farm. “I even tamed new soil, where the tambookie-grass stood head-high, with the harrow,” says Ertjies Kleinhans, who farms with his father, Dries, between Stofberg and Belfast on the Highveld of South Africa. “I went through the field twice with the implement, whereafter I was able to plant in a well prepared, even seedbed.”

Ertjies purchased the 3,2-metre wide Agrico HSD (High-Speed Disc) to suit his existing tractor’s power. The HSD requires 25 kW of traction per metre. He used a 74 kW and 110 kW tractor before purchasing the disc, both able to do the work, although the smaller tractor struggled to raise the implement with the three-point lift. He says he had to choose between buying a new tractor or a new implement. He decided to keep the tractors running for a while and instead make his life easier with an implement that could do all the work and increase its productivity.

Ertjies has been farming with his father for five years after he first went to pay his school fees at a large agricultural company “on another guy’s account”. He, therefore, knows exactly what is available on the market and could therefore make the right and best-informed decision for Doornwacht about what would work best on their 300 hectares of maize and soya bean fields. He was looking for a smart, strong implement that could do the job without any hassles.

“You can clearly see that the HSD is designed and developed by South Africans. Agrico makes use of advanced materials and the best workmanship. The implement is robust and simple to set up and use.”

After the livestock has been through the land, the disc harrow is used to cut and work the material into the soil to break down the organic material. Just before planting, the HSD is used again to prepare the seedbed.

The working depth is easily adjusted with pins on the roller. behind. Ertjies
says if you set up the harrow and keep it hitched to the tractor, it will remain set to continue working the next day. Another advantage is that the
discs and bearings are protected by rubber reset mechanisms. The maintenance-free, double-row ball bearings have cassette seals to protect them from dust.

Ertjies Kleinhans from Stoffberg says the Agrico HSD 630 fits perfectly into their farming operation and cultivates the soil without difficulty

The harrow works even better at higher speeds because that is what it is designed for. Ertjies says he compared Agrico’s HSD to other local and imported implements and, unlike the others, “if you can’t work in a particular configuration at 16 km per hour but only 10 km per hour, then the implement still does the work that it’s supposed to do”. This is thanks to the optimised disc configuration that Agrico achieved perfectly.

On parts of the farm, there is up to 43% clay soil and they had no problem
with soil compaction or with shear plane formation. “The root development of the plants look good,” he says.

Ertjies also appreciates that he can work with Agrico’s staff personally. Bertie van der Westhuizen from Nigel is his Agrico go-to person and he is just as excited as Ertjies about the performance of the HSD. Ertjies plans to not only purchase another HSD, but also an air pressure seeding unit for the harrow, to establish his winter pastures with. “I am very satisfied with the high-speed harrow and I have already invited quite a few farmers in the area to come and see how well it works,” says Ertjies.

Five models are available:

ModelNumber of discsWorking width (mm)Power requirement (kW)
1.2581 25036
2.5162 50063
3.2203 20080
4.0244 000100
5.0295 000125

Harrow your lands problem-free with Agrico’s support. Contact Alfred Andrag at 082-824-1214, 021-950-4111 or   

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