Agrico tractors: Built for Africa in Africa

Agrico’s tractors are their pride and joy with reason. The 4+250, 4+400, 4+320i (industrial) and the 4+160 are fresh from the production line and will never disappoint their owners.

Few people know that Agrico, the leading pivot irrigation company headquartered in Cape Town in Africa, also manufactures tractors and implements. They are the only tractor manufacturer in Africa and produced more than 710 units already.

In 1985, Agrico drove their first tractor out of their plant in Lichtenburg in the north west of South Africa. These articulated tractors are all 4×4 and designed to make short shrift of tough work in tough circumstances. This entails predominantly primary cultivation such as soil preparation, ripping, ploughing and harrowing.

“Our tractors are simple, straightforward and easy for a farmer to maintain and repair. They are designed with the minimum of electronics, and therefore very reliable,” Paul Burger, Tractor and Implement Manager, says.

An Agrico tractor will cost you 25% to 28% less than their equals from overseas. Agrico’s 4+ (4×4) range consists of models with five different kilowatt ranges from 160 kW to 400 kW. They are the 4+160, 4+200, 4+250, 4+320 and the 4+400. They can accommodate rear and front three point linkage systems.

“Our three point linkages are among the strongest on the market and they can also lift the highest. Our 4+320 and 4+400 models can lift up to 1 250 mm in the air. This will allow you to turn with ease on an uneven headland with large three point mounted implements,” Paul says.

Although the tractors are not equipped with power take-offs (PTO’s), they are perfectly capable of handling many implements like air seeders, sprayers, drawn cultivators, front end loaders, blades, scrapers and trailers. Agrico decided to use the latest engine technology in terms of fuel consumption and performance. They install only engines of the Mercedes Benz group of companies, ZF or Allison gearboxes and ZF-axles which will ensure long and reliable service. Apart from the imported engines, gearboxes and axles, Agrico has a strong local component in their tractors. A tractor consists of more than 6 000 parts and assemblies. Parts manufactured by Agrico account for a third of the value of the tractor.

Agrico’s drivetrains are very efficient, resulting in substantial fuel savings of up to 23 percent. Nowadays the tractors are fitted with radial tyres. This tyre design reduces diesel consumption by a further 8 to 10%. Depending on the tyre configuration, the 4+160 has a road speed of up to 45 km/h, which makes it an excellent transporter between farms and silos. The 4+320 can travel between 32 and 36 km/h. When your front and rear wheels, and axles are the same size, a different approach is required when heavy equipment are drawn. In order to keep a 50/50 weight balance during operation, Agrico designed the tractors with 66% of the weight on the front axle. This configuration can be fine-tuned further with weight packages at the front.

One huge advantage of an Agrico tractor is that a farmer with a reasonably equipped workshop and technical know-how can keep his tractor running. If necessary, Agrico can facilitate the rebuilding of axles, gearboxes and engines.

“Currently there are 25 of our tractors in Zambia and a number in China and Zimbabwe. Agrico manufactures, ships, sells and service all our products as one company. This means that you only have to work with one entity, which makes it much more convenient for a farmer,” Paul says.

Agrico can fit your tractor with a GPS system, which is a vital component in precision farming. Agrico also manufactures yellow industrial tractors for road construction and general work on mines.

“The flexibility, high power output and narrow working width make the 4+series tractors ideal for large farms,” Paul says.

Contact Alfred Andrag at +27 82-824-1214 or +27 21-950-4111 or e-mail to find out more about Agrico’s products.

Paul Burger shows a newly completed Agrico tractor in the final production bay.

Joseph Moepi, General Worker; Toffies Leshomo, General Worker (behind rearframe) and Jacques
van Eeden, Tractor Manufacturing Supervisor are energetically involved in churning out high quality tractors for Africa.

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