AFRISEED empowers women in agriculture

Afriseed’s whole team at the Agritech Expo in Zambia.

“Most of my seed growers are women because women are game changers. Once you empower women their whole family setup changes,” says Stephanie Angomwile, CEO of Stewards Globe Limited, the producers and marketers of Afriseed products. Stephanie feels very strongly about empowering women in Zambia. She says her own journey was not easy, and if someone did not empower her, she would not have had the opportunity to employ so many workers today. This passion driven woman said their company, Stewards Globe Limited, which she and her husband, Emmanuel Angomwile launched in 2007, is an emerging seed company producing improved cereal and legume seed varieties, distributed under the Afriseed brand.

The company’s main principle is to use local and regional materials, and talent to develop and commercialise locally and regionally adaptable seed varieties for Zambian and neighbouring farmers. Their aim is to become a leading producer and distributor of improved and adaptable seed varieties that can cope with climate change, and to contribute to smallholder productivity.

They also aim to bolster food security and increase the income of the smallholder farming community in Zambia. A smallholder farmer in Zambia normally plants between 1 to 5 hectares. Their products are maize, groundnuts, soya beans, cowpeas, beans, sorghum, rice, and vegetables.

“We are one of the four companies to introduce orange maize in the country,” says Stephanie. “We started working with 95 smallholder farmers and produced a paltry 23 tonnes of seed in the first season. We learnt valuable lessons from the first disastrous season and made improvements. Today, we have grown, by the grace of God, to having 500 to a 1 000 contracted growers depending on the season and these are mainly allocated in the Central, Southern, Northern and Eastern Provinces of Zambia,” she added.

They have 20 permanent workers, and also employ 150 seasonal workers, mostly women to sort and grain the seeds. They produce between 400 and 700 metric tonnes per season, but still import up to a 1 000 metric tonnes to supply the huge market demand.”

Afriseed distributes their seeds from Lusaka and have a storage facility (that is being modernised) which holds between 1 500 and 2 000 tonnes. “We want a modern facility to enable us to maintain the quality of the seed we put in the hands of farmers.” Seeds are available in packaging sizes from 1 kg all the way up to 50 kg to cater for farmers of all sizes.

Afriseed’s purpose is to serve:

  • Their customers with creative, innovative and reliable top-quality goods and services, and creating customer loyalty that will ensure customer satisfaction and delight;
  • Their employees with meaningful and challenging work that will enable them to be empowered, receive good salaries, ensure career development and a pleasant work environment that will promote innovation and provide employment stability;
  • Their shareholders by providing attractive returns on their investments;
  • Their country and rest of the world by creating knowledge and wealth and providing solutions for critical problems to the best of their ability;
  • Society by showing that success and high moral standards can coexist; and ultimately God by being faithful and good stewards.

Afriseed believes in good values:

  • Stewardship – As good stewards, they consistently produce the highest quality products and services for their stakeholders.
  • Client focus – They continually search for new and better ways to provide the best solutions for customer satisfaction and delight.
  • Passion – They deliver exceptional service with passion for their customers, stakeholders and employees.
  • Teamwork – Their strength is in their team and network of partners and the collective knowledge they possess.
  • Integrity – They make it their priority to honour their commitments with sensitivity at all times.
  • Innovation – They invest in their people and systems and embrace new ways of doing business.

To find out more contact Afriseed at +26(0)-21-184-7735, +26(0)21-128-6714 or +26(0)95-084-7735, or send them an e-mail to: Their physical address is: Plot Number 19288, Mungwi Road, Tobacco Board of Zambia Premises, Lusaka.

Kangwa Chanda, Farm Supervisor of Afriseed, shows some seed farming skills to the Afriseed seed farmers and public at the Agritech Expo in Zambia.

Stephanie Angomwile, CEO of Stewards Globe Limited, shows a demonstration plot of cowpeas at the Agritech Expo.

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