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AFMA ensures safe feed for safe food

AFMA and Meadow personnel at the Standerton feed mill.

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The quality and safety of our meat can be ascribed to the feed eaten by livestock in feedlots. There are opportunists in every industry but, thank goodness, there is also an organisation which has laid down excellent systems to ensure that the livestock farmer, and also the consumer, can enjoy a chicken breast or beefsteak from the grill whenever he feels like it, knowing that the food will be of the highest quality.

The motto of the Animal Feed Manufacturers Association of South Africa (AFMA) is “safe feed for safe food”. AFMA is the official industry representative body for the livestock, feed and broader agricultural environment, regulated under Act 36 0f 1947.

Feed manufacturing started after 1930. In 1945 and organisation, Compound Feed Manufacturers, was founded. In 1988 the name was changed to AFMA (Animal Feed Manufacturers Organisation). AFMA is a non-profit Article 21 organisation and is exclusively funded by membership fees. AFMA represents all facets of the industry.

The AFMA vision is to support a viable feed industry by operating responsibly within the food chain to ensure safe animal feed for safe food. The main focus in the value chain is feed safety, food safety, traceability, and consumer safety.

The continuous AFMA strategy is to:

• Pursue influence in the agricultural sector;

• Provide members with an industry profile and management information;

• Provide training and skills development;

• Organise communication opportunities and events (internal and external);

• Organise regional activities for the Southern African Feed Manufacturers’ Association (SAFMA); and

• Canvassing of members.

The important task to ensure that our animal feed is safe, rests on the shoulders of De Wet Boshoff, executive director of AFMA.

They ensure that the feed industry speaks with one voice and also protects the interests of feed manufacturers. Furthermore they have to keep an eye on feed legislation and industry standards.

AFMA remains viable by means of membership fees. They also undertake audits on members, which has proved to be extremely valuable for manufacturers. No undertaking worth its salt, can operate and do business successfully, or demand trust, without an independent controller.

The 150 members of AFMA represent 71 feed manufacturers, 79 associate members, which include inter alia grain dealers, manufacturers of feed mixtures, product and equipment suppliers. AFMA also has members in other SADC countries.

For more information, contact AFMA on (landline) 012-663-9097. You can also send an email message to, or visit the AFMA website  

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