AFGRI Equipment enables the emerging and small-scale agricultural market


by Etienne Meyer, Marketing Manager AFGRI Equipment

Agricultural products and services company, AFGRI Equipment, has once again confirmed their commitment to the emerging markets in agriculture by bolstering their product offering to the market in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

The idea that Africa will soon be the breadbasket of the world has ignited a train of thought at AFGRI Equipment to deliberate on the task at hand, to equip the large number of small-scale and emerging farmers on our continent. Mechanising a modern farm, to the point of being a commercial entity, demands a lot of financial resources and security. Availability of retail finance remains a key concern across the continent.

AFGRI Equipment has subsequently decided to partner up with some of the best, robust and affordable equipment suppliers in the market. Some of the key factors in consideration are that equipment for the African market should always be well manufactured due to the tougher conditions we experience, generic parts availability to ensure maximum uptime, and cost of ownership should be aff ordable.

Backsaver Farming Equipment

AFGRI Equipment is committed to the growth of agriculture on the
African continent. By enabling the evolution of farming practices from
emerging farmers to commercial farmers, AFGRI Equipment believes
in the possibilities that the future will bring and in Africa as an agricultural
keystone in food security.

Backsaver equipment has recently added several award-winning products to their portfolio and is aimed at emerging farmers. Affordable equipment with an understanding of grower challenges has prompted the exceptional success of Backsaver equipment over the past 5 years, enabling emerging farmers to become small-scale farmers has been the goal and the results are simply fantastic.

The product portfolio focuses on the planting and fertilisation processes. The hand planter increases efficiency in planting faster at uniform depths and inter row spacing. The hand planter is also ‘no-till’ capable, making it a sensible choice for all growers.

Walk-behind or push planters are available for planting up to 10 ha with ease. Singulation of seed on these planters is extremely good and can be calibrated easily by changing sprockets. Push-type or animal drawn planters are available with or without fertiliser applicators as needed. Motorised planters are available for larger areas.

Fertiliser applicators are available for post emergence and top dressing. The single shot fertiliser applicator is very easy to operate and uniform in the amount of fertiliser applied. With a simple twist on the control handle a predetermined quantity of fertiliser is dropped through the applicator pipe where it is needed. The fertiliser container can hold anything from 5 to 20 litres. The push-type fertiliser applicator uses tried and tested technology to deliver precise metering of fertiliser via a worm gear.

With the speed and accuracy of BACKSAVER equipment, the emerging farmer will soon see large savings in fertiliser and seed, as well as an improvement in crop yield. For more information, contact the nearest AFGRI Equipment branch or visit


With a variety of well-crafted equipment based on practical expertise, gained over years of involvement in agricultural sectors across the world and specifi cally on the African continent, their product portfolio is simply amazing.

From primary to secondary tillage, grading, seeding, spraying and haulage equipment the quality of the products is evident. BERONI products come standard with a 12-month guarantee and aim to use generic parts wherever possible to drive down the cost of ownership in the long term. Extensive testing and demonstrations have already kicked off in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Client feedback has been received as a monumental success. Some of the popular products in the line-up include the disc plough available in 2 to 5-disc specification, disc harrows from medium to heavy duty, rippers and trailers from 3 to 10 tonne capacity. Some of the products to watch out for in the range are the highspeed disc harrow, heavy duty subsoiler, multi-row tiller, disc ridger and a wide variety of rotary tillers.

Growers looking for the best in terms of affordability and quality can contact their nearest AFGRI Equipment branch or visit Products can also be viewed at

For more information on AFGRI Equipment’s range of products in Zambia, contact Katuna Sinyangwe at or +260-211-273757.

AFGRI is bringing much needed equipment to farmers in Africa.

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