AFGRI Corp Zambia shines with technological solutions


Cena Farms at Mt Isabelle in Mkushi hosted this year’s AFGRI equipment feast for farmers wishing to increase productivity and yields. Joining the demonstration day this year, Agriwes and Agricon also showcased their range of equipment. Quite aptly, the day was dubbed Triple A Demo Day.

JP Smit, AFGRI Mkushi Product Specialist and Salesman, said by joining forces with the other agricultural equipment suppliers, farmers were offered a wider choice and could compare the machines in action. He said: “Our theme is centred around growth in the agricultural sector with the use of advanced technology.”

Katuna T Sinyangwe, Sales and Marketing Manager, Agri Equipment, AFGRI, said low commodity prices might have an influence on the current buying power of farmers and a revision of the commodity pricing system is urgently needed. However, farmers do not always have to put all their eggs into one basket and JP said AFGRI can also assist farmers to diversify and plant vegetables such as potatoes and tomatoes where market demand determines prices.

In its arsenal of equipment, AFGRI has all a farmer needs and Katuna pointed out that they can also assist smaller farmers. They have been working with partners such as banks to design facilities that will help emerging farmers to gain access to equipment such as tractors, by using the tractors themselves as collateral. The Triple A Demo Day offered the ideal opportunity for farmers to look at these solutions and talk to the people who can make it happen.


Leading the technological procession in the AFGRI court, were the John Deere 8R-series tractors with their high tech capabilities of automatic steering and precision farming. Any tractor in the 8R-series has enough power under the hood to draw wide working implements for primary cultivation.


A tractor in the John Deere 6M series can be your all-rounder on the farm for primary cultivation, planting, spraying and spreading manure and fertiliser. The M-series offer high tech options allowing for satellite control and implement integration in a precision farming system. The more economical 6B-series has the same power range (from 93 to 127 kW), but without GPS guidance. The 6170M is here seen in action with the Orthmann 1tRIPr strip-till cultivator for farmers who are serious about soil conservation, while offering the possibility of placing much needed fertiliser in the root area of the plants.


In the smaller category, the John Deere 5E-series can be used for all kinds of tasks on the farm such as spraying, making silage, cutting hay and carting everything around, seedbed preparation for vegetables. They have 6-cylinder engines and wet clutch systems for long lasting ease of gear changing.


In the wide range of implements, your best and toughest friend for spraying and spreading is the Amazon-series. Shown here is the ZAM1501 Special with a spreading width of 18 – 24 m. The SBS soft ballistic system ensures minimum damage to granules for a perfect spread.


Rovic Leers is a well-known name in Southern Africa and AFGRI Corp Zambia also distribute a range of their implements such as the Krone Fortima baler, known for reliable fast baling with the chain-and-slat elevator handling the most difficult conditions and the camless EasyFlow pick-up boosting throughput and reducing wear and tear.


The bright blue colour of LEMKEN that brought prosperity for farmers all over the world, now also came to Africa to stay. The combination tillage machines, such as the Rubin 12 shown here, are ideal for incorporating plant material from stubble lands into the top soil while leaving a perfect seedbed ready for planting.


Forever reaching new heights in serving the agricultural section, JCB also put up a display of strength. The JCB 530-110 Loadall is a fuel efficient, compact 11 meter telehandler engineered to move any material quickly and safely.

As the final showstopper, the John Deere S680 Class 8 combine harvester with a 40 feet draper head demonstrated what can be done to reap the benefits of your high yields while providing all the data for next season’s precision charts. Posing in front of the combine is the whole AFGRI team.

For more information about these equipment and the rest of the extensive range of solutions offered by John Deere, please call +260-211-273757-62 or send an e-mail to

Photos: Roëtte Smit

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