Advice from Tiger Feeds – Part 4: The art of perseverance in beef production

Rowena Blanco, Nutritionist from Tiger Animal Feeds, arrived at just the right time on Victor Mushala’s farm to suggest a very successful feeding programme.

by Given Hamanungu

With beef production and many other agricultural business ventures, there is a need to understand that there are three actions that contribute to a successful operation, namely singular focus, total dedication and perseverance. The constant application of these three actions is what makes dreams come true. The only way to achieve success is to accept and even embrace the challenges along the way.

The farmer must be determined and persevere in order to successfully achieve his or her goals. One such farmer who has managed to persevere in his business venture is Victor Mushala, who is one of Tiger Animal Feeds’ beef farmers. He is fully dedicated to his beef feedlot farm in Shibyunji District in Central Province and his commitment yielded quality results.

In March 2018, Rowena Blanco, the Nutritionist at Tiger Animal Feeds, visited Mr Mushala’s unused and thickly wooded farm where the only thing of substance was the vision in his mind for the project. With the added professional advice from Tiger Animal Feeds, he bought 35 bull calves at an average weight of 220 kg for his feedlot in May 2018. Mr Mushala went on to feed the calves with Tiger Animal Feeds’ Complete Feedlot Finisher, according to the feeding recommendations given to him.

The workers on Victor Mushala’s
farm are well trained on how to
provide just the right amount of
Tiger Animal Feeds’ Complete
Feedlot Finisher to ensure growth
and profits.

After four months in the feedlot, the weight gain was more than 450 kg per calf. When Rowena visited the feedlot in September, it was clear that his vision became a reality and that he further pursued other ventures at the same farm using Tiger Feeds’ quality animal feed (goat farming, chickens and crops).

Mr Mushala realised that, with such a sound team backing him up, he would surely succeed in all aspects of his business venture. Tiger Animal Feeds is committed to make a customer’s dreams come true. Following their advice is the sure way to success. Weight gain in a feedlot equals profit and wealth.

Contact Rowena Blanco at +260-96-7991-847 or +260-96-7790-404 or e-mail for the best information and support. Given Hamanungu is the Technical Advisor at Tiger Animal Feeds and can be contacted at

Victor Mushala’s feedlot cattle know good feed when they see and taste
it. Their weight gain on Tiger Feeds’ Complete Feedlot Finisher over the
feeding period was astonishing.

Besides Tiger Animal Feeds’ Complete Feedlot Finisher for his cattle, Victor also uses Tiger Feeds for his goats and chickens.

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