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A new John Deere face, vision and technology at NAMPO

John Deere’s brand new clothing shop was again a great hit at NAMPO – John Deere enthusiasts like to show their allegiance.

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With John Deere as your agricultural partner, you can dream big. John Deere’s brand new image at this year’s NAMPO Show, with a neat canopy over their exhibit and a bigger clothes and toy shop, also mirrored their new vision, summarised in the words: Believe in greater. With sayings such as believe in opportunities and Believe in a green revolution John Deere wants to invest in the farmers of Africa.

“It is about a bond with the farmer. When he has an experience, we experience it with him,” says Kevin Lesser, marketing and communication manager of John Deere.

What could farmers see at NAMPO?

John Deere’s S780 harvester combine with caterpillar tracks

Werner Prinsloo, John Deere product manager for harvesting equipment, with the John Deere S780 combine harvester with caterpillar tracks which can tackle any wet surface.

Werner Prinsloo, John Deere product manager for harvesting equipment, says it is the first John Deere manufactured caterpillar track presently fitted to a combine in Africa. “The caterpillar track lowers soil compaction and enables the farmer to harvest in much wetter conditions,” says Prinsloo.

More about the caterpillar track:

  • Exceptional grip with a longer track;
  • Longer life at lower cost;
  • Choice of three caterpillar track sizes for different conditions – 24″, 30″ en 36″;
  • 3,49 m minimum harvester width for narrow roads;
  • Open road driving speed of up to 40 km/h;
  • Minimum maintenance;
  • Hydraulic suspension system for excellent riding comfort; and
  • Minimal wear and tear.

More about the combine:

The combine has a 13,5 litre John Deere engine and its grain tank has a capacity of 14 100 litres. The cabin has been enlarged with improved visibility on the sides, the monitor has been extended and improved, and the quality of the sieve boxes enhanced. Before you start harvesting seriously, you can adjust the acceptable quantity of foreign material and crushed kernels according to your requirements.

A camera in the tummy of the combine takes continuous photos of the grain and then automatically changes the screens, blower speed, rotor speed and the concave gaps so that they will comply with your requirements. Against an incline the “Combine Advisor” automatically resets the screens to ensure efficient harvesting throughout and eliminate yield loss.

The combine also has Harvest Smart feed tempo control which improves harvesting productivity and lessens operator exhaustion. Harvest Smart ensures that the combine will maintain a continuous feed tempo by automatically adjusting the ground speed to suit changes in the yield.

John Deere is presently engaged in the 2019 Harvest Tour with the new combine with caterpillar tracks, which started in Durban and progressed all the way to Bothaville and the NAMPO Show. From there it moved further into the Freestate, and will then go to the Northern Cape. The purpose of the tour is to allow farmers to test-drive the demonstration combine so that they can experience the latest technology and judge its value.

The John Deere CP690 Cotton Picker

The John Deere CP690 cotton picker and baler.

The cotton picker and baler was exhibited for the first time at the NAMPO Show and John Deere is the only company in the world that can supply the picker at present. It is fitted with a six cylinder John Deere engine of 13,5 litres.

DP Bierman of AFGRI says the capacity of the cotton picker is approximately 1 000 hectare per season – thereafter the wearing parts of the heads have to be replaced.

“We had many enquiries about the picker. Everybody wants to know how it performs. At present there are more than 25 of these pickers harvesting in South African cotton fields.”

“The bale made by the picker weighs between 2,1 and 2,5 tons. It picks six-plus rows at about 5 km/hour. The picker leaves the stalks reasonably clean with about 2 to 3% lost cotton on the land which the machine cannot pick up.” Says DP.

The John Deere planter technology: MaxEmerge 5e

Pieter Pienaar, area sales manager, shows off the paragon of advanced planter technology – the John Deere MaxEmerge 5e.

The MaxEmerge 5e system has individual row control named “RowCommand”, as well as “TurnCompensation”. This ensures that each row unit continuously maintains the correct plant population, even around the bends.

The John Deere M120 vineyard and orchard sprayer

The John Deere M120 vineyard and orchard sprayer ensures economical, efficient spraying.

The John Deere M120 is at the top end of equipment for precision spraying in vineyards or orchards. This sprayer automatically adjusts the spray volume and the focused air stream ensures that the leaves and fruit receive efficient wetting.

Ultrasound detection technology ensures that time, fuel, spray concentrate and efficiency is continuously maintained in balance.

The John Deere Technology Centre

Louis Roos, AFGRI precision farming specialist, in the John Deere technology centre at NAMPO, where visitors could get solutions for all their technical problems.

John Deere took a big technology centre to NAMPO to provide farmers with more information regarding connected support and precision technology. John Deere’s equipment has built-in technology which can determine beforehand which problems may crop up and then notifies the farmer ‒ in his tractor or wherever he may be. The dealer is also informed that a possible error may be developing and he can tune in to your equipment to provide timely, accurate service assistance.

What the farmer can see with connected support:

  • Monitoring of components and performance of the machine;
  • View of the cabin’s visual display screen from any location;
  • Monitor the exact position of the machine; and
  • Monitor the fuel level.

Contact your nearest John Deer dealer, phone Kevin Lesser on 082-807-2603 or 011-437-2600, or send an email message to

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