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A cattle breed you can count on: African farmers opt for Boran


The Boran is a pure African breed dating back 1 300 years and unrelated to any other African or European cattle breed.

The genetic composition of the Boran is unique, making it your best choice for cross-breeding:

European Bos Taurus 24%

Bos Indicus 64%

African Bos Taurus 12%

Boran cows have very good udders with well-formed teats and are exceptional at raising calves off the veld to comfortably wean at 50% of their body weight. The calves are small for easy calving, and hardy from birth. Boran cows have good mothering instincts which include protecting their calves from predators. The cows are extremely fertile, and even under harsh conditions, Boran cows will continue to breed and rear their calves.

Borans have thick, loose skins with short, shiny hair. This makes them a less desirable host for ticks and flies. The skin, thick eye banks with very long eyelashes and a long tail with a big, wellformed switch, help to protect this indigenous breed against insects. Through natural selection, they became highly resistant to the effects of internal parasites and external parasites like ticks.

The Boran is a non-selective browser and grazer, with a rumen and metabolism that can handle poor roughage. As a result, they are adaptable, keep their condition, and are extremely productive in all veld types. The herd instinct makes it easy to manage them in bush environments. They respond quickly after the first rains and can be successfully fattened off the veld.

The Boran is an early maturing Bos Indicus breed with a docile temperament and renowned longevity (15-year old productive cows are not uncommon). Boran cattle are recognised as being generally quiet, docile and easy to handle. They have exceptional cross-breeding capabilities and can add hybrid and complementary vigour to your herd’s progeny.

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