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ProAgri Zambia 026


The new season is in full swing and serious farmers are occupied by their crops, which need to be nurtured and checked regularly. Most of the maize should be above shoulder height already and the soy beans are forming canopies.

The FISP-system is causing many farmers serious headaches. In the Kalomo district, farmers were let down for the third consecutive season. They still cannot collect their seed and fertiliser from the suppliers. They deposited their money before mid-December, but their cards are still not activated.

Some Kasempa farmers are also struggling with inactivated cards and decided to storm the office of the District Commissioner. The matter is being investigated. In Lundazi, co-operative members claim that their leaders are holding back their inputs. Some farmers only received two bags of fertiliser.

This has a dire negative effect on the spirit of farmers, and we all hope that these issues will be  resolved soon. Another crisis is a fast spreading stalk borer outbreak in the Serenje district. The ZNFU visited the area and called on farmers to be on the alert and keep their sprayers ready to combat the pest. More than ten hectares are already destroyed.

In this edition you can read about Sensako’s new wheat cultivars, how Bonnox’s fences offer reliable security and Saro’s commitment to alternative energy on farms. We also publish another story out of
the Czech Republic about Farmet and their soil preparation implements, which are already doing great work in Zambia.

Farm smartly!
Du Preez de Villiers –

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