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    Irrigation with LEPA/ LESA Sprinklers proved beneficial during dry season in South Africa

    Mr. Danie Erasmus grows pasture crops for his cattle at Winkelhaak Boerdery, a dairy farming operation in Tsitsikamma, South Africa. Like many farmers today, he has faced the challenges of unpredictable weather and extended dry seasons.   Danie’s concerns with the dry and windy conditions during the 2020 season prompted him to install LESA (Low […] More

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    Dream sustainably with Agrico

    “Our dream was to get water to Groenvlei farm, located 5 km from the nearest water source,” says WG Treurnicht, who grows wine grapes just outside Porterville, at the foot of the Olifants River Mountains. The farm joined hands with Agrico Piketberg to make this dream come true. They first set foot in the irrigation […] More

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    Rotrix Africa’s traveling irrigators irrigates hassle-free

    “Technology is wonderful, but it’s also attractive to thieves,” says Andries Bothma, Production and Sales Manager and Regional Officer from Rotrix Africa. He told NAMPO-visitors about the reliable solution for irrigating small fields, pastures, and vegetable fields. The travelling irrigators only need a water supply and no electricity. The fact that there are no power […] More

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    Irrigation in Namibia: Reinke pivot makes the impossible possible

    Customers inspire AgriTurf and Reinke’s team so that they can help their farmers plan superior solutions that make a meaningful difference in water and irrigation management. In 1980, Dries Venter, the owner of Tzaus Bonsmara stud located approximately 50 kilometres north of the Outjo district in Namibia, began farming with nothing and had to borrow […] More

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    Ag Solar by Valley

    Driven by one of the most trusted names in agriculture, Valley Irrigation uses the sun’s energy to power your agribusiness, providing your operation with a new level of energy independence. As a global leader completing hundreds of solar projects, you can count on our expertise to deliver clean, efficient power no matter the size of […] More

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    Innovative irrigation systems with Senter360

    Theuns Dreyer, the managing director of Senter360, has 32 years of extensive experience in the irrigation industry, particularly in the design and project management of large-scale irrigation systems. His excitement about finding new ways to solve problems and the steady improvement of technology is inspiring. Being absent from NAMPO for some time, Theuns is overjoyed […] More

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    Agrico turns water into profit

    by Jaco Cilliers One golden key unlocks the door to success in any farming operation. Whether a farmer grows crops or keeps animals, he wants to attain the highest income at the lowest cost. This cannot be done without water. That is exactly why many farmers use irrigation systems on their farms: thirsty crops cannot […] More

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    Valley quenches the thirst of plants in Zambia

    Zambia has a very short rain season. Therefore, farmers need a reliable supplier such as Valley® for all their irrigation needs. Valley® is an American company with a prominent presence in Africa. From its Head Office in South Africa, an abundance of equipment, knowledge and experience in irrigation and water application techniques is available throughout […] More

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    Reinke Irrigation: Use less water and increase your yields

    Efficient water use is very important everywhere in Africa because water is scarce and every drop counts. That is why wise farmers benefit from Reinke’s irrigation systems. The most popular irrigation products of Reinke in Africa are their centre pivots. “Reinke use high-quality steel and V-ring seals that increase the life expectancy of a pivot,” […] More

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    LEPA Benefits That Can Improve Your Pivot Irrigation Efficiency

    LEPA (Low Energy Precision Application) technology brought key benefits to pivot irrigation in the mid-1980s, when center pivot irrigators primarily used top-of-pipe impact sprinklers operating at high pressures.  Researchers from Texas A&M University, in cooperation with Senninger Irrigation, developed the first LEPA bubbler in the western high plains of the United States, where high energy […] More

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    Agrico makes every drop count

    In a desert country where water is scarce, a farmer cannot afford to waste even a drop. On the farm Hartebeesloop at Stampriet in Namibia, measuring every drop drawn from the aquifer deep below the ground surface is the order of the day. Access to this strictly controlled resource is one of the reasons Dr […] More

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    Valley puts every drop of water to use

    The winning photo from the Show me your Valley photo competition was taken by Janco Joubert from Orma Boerdery. The miracle element for growth is water. Everybody knows that. Unfortunately, rain can be unpredictable, and farmers need to find other solutions to water their crops. Many options exist, but one of the most effective, reliable, […] More

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