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    Attend the NAMPO 2022 event to see Reinke

    Reinke is looking forward to meeting you at G13 and G14 at their stand. At the Reinke stand for your farming solutions, you’ll find irrigation solutions to cover every acre and maximise field performance. More information on Reike Irrigation can be found at: Contact Patrick Ellis on +27(0)31 350-4525 / +27(0)83 326-9058 or send an […] More

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    2019 Ensminger Pig Symposium

    Everything you want and need to know about pig feeding, through to modern welfare techniques, and gene and genomic selection comes under the spotlight at the 2019 Ensminger Pig Symposium. This co-located event to the centenary anniversary of the Pig Breeders Society of South Africa (PBS) will be hosted for the first time in Africa […] More

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    Landboukalender – Mei

    Die maand moet jy: VEE – Gee winterlek AKKERBOU – Saai koring, hawer, gars, rog, kanola – Besproei wintergewasse in somerreënvalstreke – Saai lusern – Kry strooptoerusting gereed ANDER – Plant boerbone, ertjies, slaai, radyse, wortels, beet – Verplant kool, blomkool en uie – Bewerk en bemes die grond in vrugteboorde – Begin vrugtebome snoei […] More