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  • falcon

    Falcon: Amazone offers top-notch sprayers and spreaders

    During the recent Agritech show, farmers could admire the Falcon equipment at the AFGRI Corp and Saro Agro stands. Amazone spreaders and sprayers are part of their range and deserve special mentioning. Versatility determines sprayer choice In the past, farmers believed that there was a logical procession from mounted and trailed sprayers to self-propelled sprayers […] More

  • monsanto

    Agritech: Monsanto offers more to farmers

    Drawing a rewarding amount of visitors to your stand during a show is not easy. And to successfully convey your product message can be even more difficult. But Monsanto managed to perfect this challenge during Agritech with the exciting activities at their stand. Monsanto is one of the world’s largest seed companies and accounts for […] More

  • agritech

    Agritech: Agrico shows how to beat the drought

    Agrico pivots are popping up like mushrooms all over Zambia and the end is not in sight yet. “We are sending out many quotes and most of them are approved. Some of them are huge projects,” says Sebastian Stobart, Managing Director of Agrico Zambia. This year, Agrico again displayed their wide range of irrigation products […] More

  • seedco

    SEEDCO: An informed farmer is a productive farmer

    78 years is a lifetime and a welldeserved age for a company. With a strong presence in Sub Sahara Africa, Seedco can be regarded as an advanced and senior seed company with enough experience to lead in the market. The company started in 1940 in Zimbabwe as a cooperative and spread to other African countries […] More

  • bonnox

    Bonnox protects exotic game like gold

    No farmer can afford to take chances with the safety of his assets, and rare game is one of the most difficult assets to protect. Therefore, it is worth your while to invest good money in the protection of your valuable game. Jaco de Wet cashes in on the favourable climate of South Africa’s North […] More

  • in

    Improve efficiency, increase capacity, boost profits: Seba Foods acquire benchmark GSI storage technology

    There are numerous benefits to the ability to store one’s own grain. A farmer can exert and experience a crucial sense of control when he can store his own grain. He can manage the treatment and storage of his grain in a way that best suits his requirements and purposes. His trucks does not have […] More

  • in

    Meet K2 Seed’s wonder maize

    “The quickest way to determine the quality and value of maize is to feed it to a dairy cow. What goes in this morning is converted into the quality and litres of milk she produces.” This valuable advice comes from Fanie Yssel, Technical Manager: Agronomy of K2 Seed. When the dairy farmers in the George, […] More

  • in

    NAMPO creates a real environment for Hino

    Hino’s people are full of praise for the agricultural sector. “It’s astonishing how resilient this industry is,” says Leslie Long, Senior Manager, Marketing and Demand Planning of Hino South Africa. “The farmers are always positive despite threats and challenges such as droughts, land reform and rising input costs. No matter where a farmer comes from, […] More

  • in

    DuPont Pioneer: It’s summer planting season

    An exciting and rewarding planting season await farmers because DuPont Pioneer is ready with a complete plant package for this summer’s planting season. At NAMPO, Emile van den Berg, National Agricultural Manager, and his team informed the farmers thoroughly about the splendid cultivars grown with so much care over recent years. The registration process is […] More

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    John Deere considers both big and small farmers

    You can put all your eggs in the same John Deere basket because this manufacturer of agricultural implements offers you an all-encompassing system – from the simplest off-the-shelf parts to an app that allows you to check the moisture content in your soil while traveling abroad. John Deere’s NAMPO stand was packed with innovations this […] More

  • in

    Spray and spread like a king with Kempston Agri’s Imperador 3.0

    Kempston Agri keeps a finger on the pulse of South African market and agricultural trends, therefore they know well in advance what our farmers need. This fact is supported by the latest addition to their range – a brand new type of implement launched by Stara in Brazil at the beginning of the year, enabling […] More

  • in

    Versatile Bonnox

    Many books can be written about the farmer’s ingenuity. One of the gifts typical of farmers is the ability to use any item in various ways – even for tasks for which it was not made. The truth in the saying of “a farmer makes a plan” still applies to big and small farmers today. […] More

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