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Amazone ZA-M: Southern Africa’s most loved fertiliser spreaders

The AMAZONE ZA-M series spreaders are the best selling fertiliser spreaders in Southern Africa with a spreading width of 36 meters and a capacity of 3 000 litres.

A decent fertiliser spreader is a fundamental piece of farm machinery on most farms. There is a wide choice of spreaders on the market from a wide range of manufacturers with varying specification levels. The demand for bigger machines with greater output, wider spreading and better lateral distribution, means twin disc machines are now the norm.

One particularly popular series of twin disc spreaders is the AMAZONE ZA-M series. These spreaders account for more than half of all the AMAZONE spreaders sold in the region annually, making it the preferred choice of many farmers.

The ZA-M series comes from AMAZONE’s leading ZA (Zentrifugalstreuer Anbaumaschine) fertiliser spreader range which, back in 1958, was the very first twin disc spreader in the world. The ZA spreaders now consist of a wide offering from the ZA-X (Eco Line), the ZA-M (Classic Line), ZA-V (New Line) to the highest tech available in fertiliser spreader technology the ZA-TS (High Line).

In many ways, the ZA-M series has been a trend setter and benchmark in spreading technology. In 1989 it became the first spreader in the world with an effective working width of up to 36 metres and a capacity up to 3 000 litres, setting new standards in the sector. A few years

later in 1995 it became the first spreader which could be controlled via satellite. In the Southern African market, the introduction of the ZA-M Profis Hydro range in 2005 had a significant impact on the fertiliser spreading market.

It is easy to calibrate the spreader.

It had the ability to:

• Calibrate itself on the go via sophisticated weight cell technology,

• Do variable rate control (VRA) via shape files,

• Do speed related application rate control, and

• Introduced us to section control paving the way for the ISOBUS era where we are today.

Ruben van der Merwe, Falcon’s National Product Manager for the AMAZONE brand in Southern Africa, is as passionate as he is knowledgeable about the range of products that Amazone provides. When asked why the AMAZONE ZA-M series is so popular in the Southern Africa region he says: “The ease of operation and the out of the box precision and consistency means it is easy to operate from the start without ever giving trouble, year after year and in some cases, passed from father to son.”

Some of the most loved features of the ZA-M series include the hopper capacities that can be extended by use of the after-fit extensions, convenience and reliability they offer due to simple and easily accessible adjustment of spread rates and working widths, and the safety set (with lighting system, marker boards and guard rail) that is standard on all models. In addition, the slow-turning, high capacity agitation system and the reduced disc speeds ensure an even, granule-protecting fertiliser flow.

The most popular model in the Southern African region, according to the importer, Falcon Agricultural Equipment, is the AMAZONE ZA-M 1501 Twin Disc Spreader. This model accounts for over 30% of all the AMAZONE spreader sales, of which there is an extensive range and offering.

The second most sought after model is AMAZONE ZA-M 1001 Special. This model is the most suitable for small to medium-sized farms and is the entry price point into the series. It can have a 500 litre extension fitted, thus increasing its hopper capacity up to 1 500 litres.

“When it comes to the calibration of the spreader, you will not find an easier system. The yellow plastic calibration disc with all the formulas comes standard with every ZA-M spreader. You can literally assist a farmer with a calibration over the telephone in less than 5 minutes and it is something we emphasise to people a lot,” Ruben said.

Some additional features that stand out, is that the entire spreading system of the ZA-M spreaders is made from stainless steel. They are also easy to maintain due to the open design and they offer perfect functionality due to the maintenance- free, oil-immersed gearboxes. The three main characteristics that account for the success of AMAZONE spreaders are their affordability, ease of operation and hopper size.

Find your Amazone solution at your nearest Falcon dealer or phone +27 (0)33-330-5787 for more information. Visit to view the other machines that they offer to the farmer.

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