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Algar Ind is well-known in the agricultural industry for their livestock handling equipment for cattle, sheep and goats. Farmers are especially satisfied with their excellent service.

Some of their products for cattle is the Neck clamp, Body clamp, Adjustable Alley, Back-stop, Alleys, Kraal sides and Gates, Sweep Tub, Loading Ramp, Hip clamp, Weigh Crate and Platform. For the Small Stock Farmer: Tilt, Hybrid Clamp, Weigh Crate,  Sheep Clamp Crate, Sweep Tub, Sliding Gate, Sorting Gates, Crush, Kraal Sides, loading ramps.

Algar Ind is the agent and distributor for Jay-Lor here in South Africa. The product is manufactured in Canada and then imported. One of the items currently available here in South Africa is the Jay-Lor 5050 TMR self-propelled mini mixer.

The mixer is powered by a Honda petrol engine which has both an electric and manual start. The polyethylene drum comes with a steel reinforced floor and the frame and undercarriage is galvanized. Another advantage this mixer has to offer is the zero turn manoeuvrability and its ability to work and move in small feeding spaces, this allows the farmer to utilize space effectively and efficiently which can result in better profit margins.

This machine has dedicated wheel and auger hydrostatic pumps. The square-cut auger is optimized for baled feed. This patented auger design with square edges allows more material to fit down in the auger and the square edges turn and compress the material, the knives are shaped to slice through the material, this has an effect on the speed of mixing as well as the power output of the engine. The unit works on a 4-point weigh system.

Total mixed ration (TMR) is a very important point to consider when looking at feed and the mixing of feeds for your animals. The Jay-Lor mini mixer gives a good clean cut at the correct length while maintaining fibre structure. This in turn results in a healthier rumen and better milk production in your female animals.

This self-propelled TMR (Total Mixed Ration) feed mixer is ideal for both large and small scale farmers who need to mix smaller intensive rations for speciality groups such as stud and feedlot animals as well as weaned calves and lambs. The unit can mix between 500kg and 1000kg depending on the material being mixed. Because of the square shape of the auger and knives the mini mixer unit mixes at a good speed while keeping the required fibre structure. This also results in less sorting of feed by the animals eating the mix.  

A big advantage of this self-propelled feed mixer is the fact that the farmer does not require an additional tractor for the job, this adds to the value of the unit as no extra machinery needs to be sourced from other parts of the farm and all the other work goes on as per usual. The domino effect to this is the fact that there are also considerable savings on fuel and labour costs.

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