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Air Spring Supply: Steel leaf and coil counterparts

The Air Spring Supply Company is proudly South African family business which was established in 1983 representing world renowned companies such as Firestone, OESP, Viair and Airlift for the core product they offer Firestone Air Springs and Air accessories.

Air springs offer many other user-friendly advantages over the traditional leaf and coil springs. There are two basic types of air springs used in vehicle suspensions: reversible sleeve and convoluted. Regardless of whether an air spring is a reversible sleeve or convoluted style, it will operate on the same principle: A column of air confined within a container allows it to use the contained pressure to generate force. Similar to a ball inflated with air, the load an air spring will carry depends on its diameter and therefore, the area of the column of air supported and the pressure of air inside it.

The ability to change the load carrying capacity simply by changing the air pressure, rather than changing out the spring, is a major advantage air springs have over steel suspensions. Because an air spring consists of a closed volume of air, the compression of the air spring (jounce travel) will cause an increase in pressure, while the extension of the air spring (rebound travel) will cause a decrease in pressure. This allows the air spring to have an automatic tendency to return to the neutral design height as it experiences disturbances in the driving surface.

The main advantages of an air spring over its steel leaf and coil counterparts are variable load-carrying capability, adjustable spring rate, and user-friendly height control. The load an air spring carries can be adjusted over a wide range, without changing the air spring height, simply by changing the air pressure. Traditional steel springs need to be replaced if the height must be maintained. In addition to changing the load-carrying capability, a change in air pressure will also afford the benefit of changing the spring rate without changing the height and without a significant change in the natural frequency.

Steel springs exhibit one spring rate for a given height and, once again, will need to be replaced if the height must be maintained. When using air pressure from an air management system, the air spring height can be maintained by a closed-loop control system or adjusted to the other desired heights easily. This allows for “load levelling” and “squatting” capabilities that steel springs cannot offer. Because there is a flexible rubber member separating the rigid attachment points to the frame and suspension, there is freedom to move about six degrees without the resistance and squeaks experienced by the rigid interactions characteristic of steel leaf and coil springs.

Why spend large amounts of money on replacing your complete suspension? There is a better solution, fit the variable load carrying Ride-Rite and Coil-Rite air springs from Firestone. Contact the Air Spring Supply Company for all your Firestone air spring and air suspension requirements. They are not only the best at what they do, they are passionate about the brands and products they supply.

Contact them at: Johannesburg – 011-397-6390 and Durban – 031-205-2293

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