Affordable, reliable, efficient: Farmers welcome Farmet implements

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Affordable, efficient, reliable implements are what the farmer needs to make a living and to feed the nation – and that is exactly what Farmet provides.

This proud Czech manufacturer is 25 years old and concentrates on the manufacturing of soil preparation, planting and sowing implements, as well as oil seed, vegetable oil and feed production equipment.

Zambian farmers welcome the fine equipment imported by AgriServe Agro. The four most popular Farmet implements in Zambia are the Kompaktomat, Cambridge Roller CV6, Triolent TX 300 and the Softer 4,5 NS.

Farmet’s versatile implements are simple to operate and welcomed by all the markets in which they were tested.

The Softer 4,5 NS disc plough harrow works between 5 and 12 cm deep. The disc diameters are 510 or 560 mm. It is ideal for shallow stubble-breaking and leaves behind a perfect undercut and well-mixed residues. It does a very thorough job when preparing the seedbed after stubble-breaking or ploughing. It also offers optimum recompaction of the soil.
The Kompaktomat was one of Farmet’s first products. It was specifically designed to improve pre-planting and pre-sowing field preparation. The Kompaktomat works from 1 to 10 cm deep. As Farmet improved the machine over time, the two folding frames developed into machines with four folding frames. The driver uses only one hydraulic circuit to fold the machine for transport or to unfold it on the field.
The ideal implement to break stubble while loosening the soil deeper than the ploughing depth, is the Triolent TX 300. The teeth work to a depth of 35 cm and the ploughshare is 29 cm, which ensures thorough loosening as well as the incorporation of plant residues. The traction resistance is also minimal and a working speed up to 12 km/h is possible. The plough shares are spring protected with a release force of 450 kg.

Bohumil Hamršmíd, Deputy Head of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Lusaka; Brent Stubbs, Mazabuka farmer; Poena van Niekerk, Mkushi farmer; Willem van Zyl, Technical Director of AgriServe Agro; Tereza Černá, Ministerial Counsellor of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and Du Preez de Villiers, Editor ProAgri Zambia, at the Farmet factory in Česká Skalice.

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