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    ProAgri Zambia 026

    The new season is in full swing and serious farmers are occupied by their crops, which need to be nurtured and checked regularly. Most of the maize should be above shoulder height already and the soy beans are forming canopies. The FISP-system is causing many farmers serious headaches. In the Kalomo district, farmers were let […] More

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    Agritech Expo Zambia wins third prestigious AAXO ROAR Trade & Consumer Exhibition Award

    The iconic farming expo in Chisamba, Agritech Expo Zambia, won its third AAXO ROAR (Respect, Opportunities, Achievement, Recognition) Award in Johannesburg earlier this month. The ROAR* Awards honoured excellence in the exhibition and events industry on the continent during 2017. The awards are organised by the Association of African Exhibition Organisers (AAXO). For the second […] More

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    KCM plc announces partnership to implement scalable agribusiness alongside its copper mining operations in Zambia

    Konkola Copper Mines plc (“KCM”), a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources plc, has joined forces with AFGRI Agri Services, part of AFGRI Group Holdings, and ImpactAgri (Holdings) Ltd to develop agribusiness in Chililabombwe, Zambia. Speaking at the launch of the initiative, KCM CEO Steven Din said: ‘KCM is one of Zambia’s leading mining companies, but our […] More

  • Saro

    Generator or solar: You can depend on non-stop power with Saro

    Electricity is one of the most basic needs of the modern human being. In sophisticated farming, electricity is rapidly becoming a more vital necessity and for continuous production, back-up power is a must. In 2007, Saro Agro established a standalone power department which covers the whole power needs spectrum. They’ve become so popular that they […] More

  • toyota

    Zambia drives Toyota: Don’t stay behind!

    Nenad Predrevac, National Sales & Marketing Manager of Toyota Zambia, told ProAgri’s Du Preez de Villiers at Agritech that Toyota’s market share in new vehicles is 45%, and 60% of all vehicles sold are from the Toyota family. Toyota has been in Zambia for more than 50 years, since 1963. Toyota Zambia is an official […] More

  • Omnia

    Omnia offers support to make farming profitable

    Omnia actively pursues the science of growing all over the globe, but also in Zambia. The quest for growth and support to farmers were the reasons for Omnia’s presence at the recent Agritech Expo. “Some of the days were better than others, but in general the Agritech Expo attracted many people. We had a lot […] More

  • saro

    Farmers: Saro provides what you need

    One of the most trusted agricultural partners exhibiting annually at the Agritech Show is the Zambian based Saro Group with its head office in Lusaka and four branches in the main agricultural growth regions around Livingstone, Mpongwe, Kitwe and Mkushi. Calvin Salah, Marketing Manager, spoke to Du Preez de Villiers at their impressive stand with […] More

  • beef cattle

    How to handle your beef cattle – Part 9: Commercial cattle farming – planning and design

    Costs are rising, profit margins are shrinking and the farmer is compelled to expand his operations to make a living. More cattle mean more handling, demanding better facilities to cope with the workload. In this ninth part in our beef cattle handling series we start with a new section on the handling of cattle in large-scale […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 019

    This edition is jam-packed with Agritech stories and this will be the best information you can get about the show if you weren’t able attend the event. One thing that struck me during the show is that free magazines with educational content will champ any other form of media for a long time to come. […] More

  • agritech

    How Zambia could achieve breadbasket status

    According to Jervis Zimba, president of the Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU), “the only way we can achieve the status of being a breadbasket is to zero rate agriculture.” ZNFU are the owners of the upcoming Agritech Expo Zambia which is set to take place at the Gart Research Centre in Chisamba from 27-29 April. […] More

  • agritech

    Upskilling and updated information – a must-have in today’s fast growing African agri environment

    Agritech Expo Zambia is around the corner. You don’t have much time left to secure your seat in the free-to-attend workshops taking place over the duration of the 3 day expo. No more excuses! Upgrade your skills, at no charge. COMMERCIAL FARMERS WORKSHOP: Thursday, 27 April  Targeting large scale commercial farmers with 4x intensive workshops […] More

  • Mr Jervis Zimba

    The only way Zambia can achieve the status of being a breadbasket is to zero rate agriculture

    Exclusive interview with Mr Jervis Zimba, President of the ZNFU, the owners of the upcoming Agritech Expo Zambia, taking place for the fourth time in Chisamba from 27-29 April. Tell us a bit about yourself, when did you know that you were an agriculturist? First of all, I don’t know how it came about, but […] More

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