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  • Hino

    NAMPO creates a real environment for Hino

    Hino’s people are full of praise for the agricultural sector. “It’s astonishing how resilient this industry is,” says Leslie Long, Senior Manager, Marketing and Demand Planning of Hino South Africa. “The farmers are always positive despite threats and challenges such as droughts, land reform and rising input costs. No matter where a farmer comes from, […] More

  • gundle

    Gundle makes plastic work for the farmer

    The right place to obtain all farming aids made of plastic is Gundle. Gundle manufactures plastic silage covers, packaging for dairy bags and vegetable bags, linings for earth dams and many more. Greenhouse plastic “Gundle’s best-known product among the farmers is our greenhouse plastic, called Evadek. We also have a Durasol range,” says Rudi Jansen […] More

  • GSI

    GSI and AGCO’s powerful power generator will never let you down

    Uninterrupted, reliable availability of electricity is indispensable for most farms. Power failures can lead to costly production losses. Therefore, the farmer’s right hand nowadays is a reliable generator that takes over when Eskom fails. The perfect machine for this is the AG diesel power generator that can be used as main supply or for standby […] More

  • papsous
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    Dis braaityd! Pap en Sous is op die spyskaart. Jy weet jy het nog daai lastige blikkie Tomato & Onion agter in die kas, maar dis darm nou nie ‘n goeie pot pap werd nie. Jy benodig: 1 blikkie Tomato & Onion mix ½ koppie woestersous ½ koppie tamatiesous ½ koppie suiker Sout en peper […] More

  • fendt

    There are ordinary tractors… and then there is FENDT

    Much excitement was caused by the Fendt 1000 Vario tractor series since its launch in May by BHBW South Africa (formerly Barloworld Agriculture) at NAMPO. And no wonder, because such a genial combination of tractor technology has never been seen before in South Africa. The Fendt 1000 Vario (291 to 380 kW) is a conventional […] More

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    Strautmann-manure spreaders for quick hassle free work

    “The farmer can choose between three Strautmann manure spreader models: the Strautmann BE 9 which holds 10 cubic metres or 7 tonnes of manure, the BE 1401 which holds 14 cubic metres or 10 tonnes and the VS 2004 intended for farmers with large farms with its capacity of 21 cubic metres or 15 tonnes, […] More

  • DuPont Pioneer

    DuPont Pioneer: It’s summer planting season

    An exciting and rewarding planting season await farmers because DuPont Pioneer is ready with a complete plant package for this summer’s planting season. At NAMPO, Emile van den Berg, National Agricultural Manager, and his team informed the farmers thoroughly about the splendid cultivars grown with so much care over recent years. The registration process is […] More


    Dekalb brings the farm to NAMPO… and sends a useful gift back

    Everyone who grew up on a farm knows the useful old kôkôk – the can or large bucket with the handle with which anything from water to pig feed and tomato seedlings can be carried. Monsanto’s people still knows the farmer’s heartbeat and what useful farm gift a solid kôkôk can be. Therefore, they gave […] More

  • mini corn dogs
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    Jy benodig: –           1 eier (geklits) –           ‘n kwart koppie melk –           ‘n kwart koppie Maizena –           ‘n kwart telepel sout –           ‘n halwe koppie Koekmeel –           ‘n halwe telepel bakpoeier –           1 telepel suiker –           Cocktail worsies van jou keuse (jy kan ook rooiworsie in die helfte sny) Nou maak jy so: –           Meng […] More

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    Omgewingsmagtigings vir natuurlike gaseksplorasie op 2,4 miljoen hektaar

    Die departement van minerale hulpbronne (DMR) het onlangs omgewingsmagtigings aan Rhino Oil and Gas Exploration South Africa (Rhino) uitgereik vir natuurlike gaseksplorasie in vier provinsies. Agri SA neem met groot kommer kennis van hierdie besluit. Die gebied wat deur hierdie magtigings geraak word, strek oor die Oos-Kaap, Vrystaat, Noordwes en KwaZulu-Natal en ongeveer 2,4 miljoen […] More

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    Minder trekkers en stropers is in September verkoop as ‘n jaar gelede

    Trekkerverkope van 552 eenhede in September is aansienlik (11%) minder as die 623 eenhede wat verlede September verkoop is. Vir die jaar tot dusver is trekkerverkope 4% hoër as verkope vir dieselfde tydperk verlede jaar.  Stroperverkope van vier eenhede in September is ook aansienlik minder as die tien eenhede wat verlede September verkoop is.   Stroperverkope […] More

  • bonsmara

    Eerste Bonsmara-kudde ten volle genomies getoets

    Kort op die hakke van die vrystelling van die eerste Genomiese Teelwaardes vir Vleisbeeste vir Bonsmaras, laat toets die eerste Bonsmara-kudde elke dier in die kudde. Boeram Venter, eienaar van Disco Bonsmara stoet naby Kirkwood, het besluit om in die voordele wat genomika bied ten volle te benut. Die insluiting van genomiese profiele in die […] More

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