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  • soil

    SOIL: The farmer’s most important asset

    By Martiens du Plessis, Soil Scientist, NWK Limited & Prof Cornie van Huyssteen, Lecturer: Soil Science, University of the Free State ProAgri Zambia acknowledges Grain SA for the use of this series which originally appeared in Afrikaans in SA Graan/Grain. Soil does not form by chance, but as a result of the influence of climate, […] More

  • in

    Make more from your crop

    By Theresa Siebert, Petrus Britz, Pr Eng and Agrelek This month we discuss the different products you can produce from soy beans in detail. We thank the ARC Institute for Agricultural Engineering in South Africa, who made their series available to the readers of ProAgri Zambia. Soy beans Soy beans dominate the world oilseed production […] More

  • in

    Agbiz notes with disappointment and deep concern the ANC resolution on land expropriation without compensation

    “The Agricultural Business Chamber (Agbiz) has noted with disappointment and deep concern the resolution adopted by the ANC Elective Conference to amend the Constitution of South Africa to effect land expropriation without compensation, albeit subject to certain caveats and conditions regarding sustainability,” Dr John Purchase, CEO of Agbiz, stated today. “The negative impact on commercial […] More

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    Spray to protect your crops

    Compiled by J Fuls (Pr Eng) The mechanics of a pump is very interesting and consists of the basics on which most spraying mechanisms function. It is therefore beneficial for a farmer to know how it works. This month we look closely at nozzles and pumps. We thank the ARC Institute for Agricultural Engineering in […] More

  • land rover

    Land Rover Discovery kicks compromise into touch

    By Dirk Gallowitz, Pictures by Richard Wiley Land Rover has enjoyed a long association with rugby at the highest level and after spending a couple of days with the All-New Discovery, I suspect the association is rubbing off as the Ukbased manufacturer has produced a new model that kicks compromise into touch at almost […] More

  • in

    ETG offers the products, support and know-how to advance farmers

    The exciting activities of a new farming season are taking shape in our beautiful country, Zambia. Wherever you go, you can see farmers bustling to get all their inputs right for another successful season. In this process all farmers are firmly supported by ETG Inputs Zambia Limited, a private sector company which provides agricultural inputs […] More

  • seedco

    Seed Co is your all-in-one seed solution

    As a research and development company involved in seed production, processing, distribution and marketing, Seed Co Zambia is a major role player in the Zambian agricultural sector. Seed Co’s products include certified maize, hybrid and other seeds such as wheat, soy beans, sorghum, sugar beans, groundnuts and vegetable seeds. Seed Co Zambia is a subsidiary […] More

  • sheep farming

    Sheep farming made easy

    Thorough planning is the key to success and since a lot of money is invested in the design of production systems, it is important to think it through properly. Look before you leap. This month we start with the design of your sheep farming operation. We thank the ARC Institute for Agricultural Engineering in South […] More

  • bonnox

    Protect your precious possessions with Bonnox

    One’s possessions are important to you because building up and amassing something in life is hard work. When your possessions are also the source of your income, only the best protection is good enough. At El Shaddai Stables just outside Carletonville in South Africa, André van Zyl made sure his daughter, Amanda Johnstone, and her […] More

  • trauma

    Trauma: Die hartseer nadraai van misdaad

    AfriForum se Ondersoek-en-trauma-eenheid lewer ’n unieke, persoonlike diens aan slagoffers van geweldsmisdaad en fokus veral op slagoffers van plaasaanvalle. Die Eenheid is in 2015 gestig en het sedertdien uitgebrei weens die tempo waarteen misdaad en veral plaasaanvalle in die land toeneem. Kontaksessies met slagoffers is van kritieke belang en daarom staan lede van dié Eenheid […] More

  • KwêBeam



    KwêBeam swaai die skaal in jóú guns

    Verrassing is die faktor waarop rowers en moordenaars reken om hulle duiwelswerk te doen. Hulle gewoonte is om in die middel van die nag toe te slaan wanneer die wetsgehoorsame burger sy welverdiende rus na ‘n dag se arbeid geniet. Maar nou is die bordjies verhang – met KwêBeam, die stille, betroubare elektroniese waghondstelsel wat […] More

  • land rover

    LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 5: Mollig, maar Rats

    Deur Dirk Gallowitz van Ultimate Drive Onmiddellike byval was die reaksie toe Land Rover sy eerste generasie Discovery in die laat jare tagtigs bekendgestel het. Skielik was daar ’n hardebaardveldryer waarmee jy ook Sondag kerk toe kan ry sonder dat dit voel jy bestuur ’n plaaswerktuig. Die luukser Range Rover se prys was vir meeste […] More

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