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    Range Rover Evoque Convertible: Topless in die Boendoes

    Deur DIRK GALLOWITZ van Ultimate Drive Sportsnutse, of te wel es-joe-wee’s is myns insiens die voertuig vir die afsienbare toekoms, veral hier aan die suidkant van donker Afrika. Dit het status, is prakties en veeldoelig. Ek meen te sê mamma kan in haar ontwerperspakkie en hoë hakkies die helderverligte ondergrondse parkeerareas van winkelsentrums heel gemaklik […] More

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    Niche cattle breed Wagyu under the hammer first time in South Africa

    A catalogue auction in Pretoria is hoping to entice Namibian redmeat producers to invest in the relatively unknown but highly profitable Wagyu breed of cattle. This week, the auction organisers said this will be the first South African production auction ever for the elusive Wagyu and that a massive response is expected from South African […] More

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    High alert warning to all farmers: Plant pests may explode in the growth season

    An unprecedented outbreak of African bollworm in canola and wheat in the Western Cape triggered fears that plant pests may explode in the forthcoming growth season. Reports of very large numbers of moths trapped in pheromone traps in other parts of South Africa indicate a very challenging season ahead for farmers. South African farmers managed […] More

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    Farming experience with Evelyne Sakala Simbeye

    by Zainab Pandor “Nothing is impossible. By devoting my time to farming, I am contributing to feeding the nation.” – Evelyne Sakala Simbeye Evelyne Sakala Simbeye’s 6 hectare farm is located in New Makeni. She and her husband own another 8 hectares of farmland in close proximity where they produce dryland crops including 2,5 hectares […] More

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    Reclaiming acidic or alkaline soils by correct use of ETG’s lime products

    Soil pH is a measure of hydronium ion (H3O+, or more commonly the H+) activity in the soil solution. Activity is similar to concentration in non-salt affected soils. Soil pH influences many facets of crop production and soil chemistry, including the availability of nutrients and toxic substances, activities and the nature of microbial populations, as […] More

  • tractor safety

    Tractor safety and maintenance

    Tractor safety and maintenance is the first article in our new mechanisation series. The best attitude towards accidents is preventative care and caution. Mishaps and injuries happen before you realise it. The same goes for your tractor. Your attitude towards break-downs should always be preventative. Tractor safety: Before you start a tractor, you must know […] More

  • wol

    Wolmark styg met 1,6%

    Op die 7de veiling van die 2017/2018-seisoen het die merinowolmarkaanwyser met 1,6% gestyg en op 17959c per kg skoon gesluit. Dit is ongeveer 21,73% hoër as ‘n jaar gelede. Gemiddelde skoonwol prysaanwysers vir goeie kwaliteit lang vagwol (MF4/MF5) met ‘n treksterkte van 35 (NKT) was soos volg: 18 µ      22246  (+4,5%)              21 µ      […] More

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    Farmers with vision harvest rainwater

    A farmer will never have too much water. There is always a place on his farm where he can utilise it, and it will always be directly beneficial to his yields. We have a particular problem during our long dry season, and every drop counts after the rains stops. Saving and retaining water for agriculture […] More

  • soil

    SOIL: The farmer’s most important asset

    Martiens du Plessis, Soil Scientist, NWK Limited & Prof Cornie van Huyssteen, Lecturer: Soil Science, University of the Free State ProAgri Zambia acknowledges Grain SA for the use of this series which originally appeared in Afrikaans in SA Graan/Grain. Soil is the most fundamental resource for the farmer, without which food and natural fibre cannot […] More

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    Farmers support a good cause on the golf course

    The golfing community of Lusaka includes many people from the agricultural community and they all have one particular annual highlight: The corporate charity golf day organised by the DRCZ (Dutch Reformed Church of Zambia). This year it was held on 7 September at the Lusaka Golf Club. This was the eleventh annual golf day and […] More

  • Bull Sale

    Stanbic Bank Bull Sale: Top quality animals fetch top prices

    by Zainab Pandor Once again, the 2017 annual Stanbic Bank Bull Sale, hosted by the Herd Book Society of Zambia, offered the farming community an opportunity to interact with friends and professionals away from what is often a largely solitary profession. A mix of patrons from farming and related industries were also present and the […] More

  • tiger chick

    Tiger Chicks hosts Indian River Broiler Farmer Workshop in Zambia

    Indian River® customer Tiger Chicks recently hosted an informative workshop for 73 broiler farmers in Lusaka, Zambia. Tiger Chicks, a business unit of leading South African integrated poultry producer Astral Foods, is a breeder farm and hatchery that produces day-old broiler chicks for the African market. The workshop addressed broiler management topics such as brooding […] More

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