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    Leef gesond en maak geld met groente en vis (Open list) (0 submissions)

    Akwaponika is deur die Europese Unie se Wetenskapkomitee aangewys as een van die top tien tegnologiese ontwikkelings wat die wêreld binne die volgende paar jaar gaan verander. Van die ander ontwikkelings is voertuie wat hulleself bestuur, virtuele geldeenhede en driedimensionele drukwerk.

    Aan outonome voertuie en Bitcoins kan jy dalk nie veel doen nie, maar dit is wel moontlik om akwaponika te verstaan en te beoefen. ‘n Eendagkursus oor die beginsels van akwaponika en hoe dit moontlik is dat visse en groente in ‘n geslote, natuurlike stelsel geteel en verbou kan word, word op 9 September 2017 by Diamantvallei, die tuiste van KragDag, aangebied.

    Die kursus word in Afrikaans aangebied deur Colin en Annemarie Bremner van Kleinskuur Aquaponics, die grootste akwaponiese stelsel in Suid-Afrika, wat ‘n hanetree van Diamantvallei af ontwikkel word.

    Na afloop van die kursus sal jy verstaan hoe al die verskillende dele van ‘n akwaponiese stelsel bymekaar kom om ‘n gebalanseerde ekostelsel te vorm. Die kursus sal van waarde wees vir enige een wat ‘n tuisstelsel wil oprig en ook vir boere en beleggers wat daarin belangstel om ‘n kommersiële stelsel te ontwikkel. Dit is inderdaad moontlik om geld te maak uit akwaponika!

    Al die nodige riglyne om weg te spring en faktore wat in ag geneem moet word, insluitend sakebeginsels en bemarking, word verduidelik en daar is ook ‘n terreinbesoek om te sien hoe alles in die praktyk werk.

    Dit maak nie saak hoe groot jou stelsel is nie, die wetenskaplike beginsels bly dieselfde. Volg die skakel vir die volledige opleidingsprogram en om in te skryf. Afslagkaartjies nog tot Vrydag beskikbaar.

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    Scania hits the construction zone


    They are tough, sleek and perfectly designed for the most demanding tasks. On 4 September, Scania unveils a completely new range of construction trucks. Follow the live webcasted launch on nextgenscania.com starting 18:30 (CET).

    “Scania has millions of followers among customers, drivers and fans online and naturally we have invited all of them to join us for this momentous event,” says Erik Ljungberg, Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations.

    Over the coming countdown days, Scania will provide advance peeks of this new marvel on the web and social media. “We know that many are eager to see what Scania holds in store and although we will save the best for last, we can promise some exciting insights.”

    With the new dedicated construction range, Scania challenges the market for the most durable trucks for the toughest applications. Years of development have been invested to design the range for the many applications in the many-faceted construction industry. All will be revealed on 4 September.

    Viewers will see and hear all about the features of these trucks. During the live webcast from an actual construction site, the new range will be put to the test and viewers will have the opportunity to see for themselves how the trucks perform under tough conditions. The construction range represents the second stage in Scania’s new generation trucks. Following the release of the universally acclaimed long-haulage trucks last year, Scania builds on the technological innovations to take on yet another transport challenge.

    Join us as we unveil this exceptional truck range. Share the moment online via the live webcast or on Facebook Live. Sign up for an event reminder at nextgenscania.com to make sure you don’t miss this event.

    Source: Scania Trucks


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    John Deere considers both big and small farmers (English: ProAgri 208)

    John Deere

    You can put all your eggs in the same John Deere basket because this manufacturer of agricultural implements offers you an all-encompassing system – from the simplest off-the-shelf parts to an app that allows you to check the moisture content in your soil while traveling abroad.

    John Deere’s NAMPO stand was packed with innovations this year, focusing mostly on technology.

    Operations Centre

    “In May this year, we announced our Operational Centre, which encompasses all our technologies, in South Africa. Data gathered from the sensors in the fields and the sensors in the vehicles will be stored in the information cloud and will be sent to a central operating centre on the farm. It can be either a smartphone or a computer,” says John Deere’s Communications Manager Kevin Lesser.The farmer can see the subsurface state of his soil in real time, or how many tonnes per hectare his combine is harvesting, where his vehicles are, and he may even look at diagnostic information of his various vehicles. He can also decide with whom he wants to share the information, such as his fertiliser or chemicals agent, his farm’s workshop manager or the one at his agency in town, and everything is interactive.

    Remote display access (RDA)

    This amazing new feature is included in the Smart Operations Centre. It allows the farmer to see which buttons the operator presses on the screen to make sure that instructions are executed correctly. Software updates can be scheduled to take place only at certain times. You can send plant, spray and dosage instructions from your application to the vehicle. A function can even show whether tractors are over- or underperforming.

    Low cost telematic system

    “We presented an early launch of our low cost telematics system from India at NAMPO, and we plan to have a full launch at the end of the year. It works on a text messaging system and provides a system for the small farmer where he can also access information on his tractor. He can see his vehicles’ location and position as well as the temperatures, fuel levels, hectares worked, and much more, “says Kevin.

    This is done by means of an application. The sensors that send data to the farmer’s mobile phone are installed in a tractor. This enables the farmer and contractor to calculate costs and determine his profits from their mobile phones. “Smartphones are available throughout Africa and the application can be downloaded for free,” he says.


    A whole new series of brand new machines stood out at John Deere’s stand. The impressive 8600i silage harvester has just recently been introduced in South Africa. Only the best technology is used in this machine, and a wide range of cutters and pick-ups can be mounted to improve the quality of your silage.

    The launch of a Deere TLB (tractor-loader-backacter) is also great news for farmers. This compact machine is very sturdy and can be used with various attachments such as bale forks and pallet forks.

    The 4730 sprayer is a well-known stalwart, but John Deere has given it a makeover. “Our customers said the undercarriage was too low to drive over their maize comfortably. With the new lifting kit, the sprayer’s belly is 1, 9 metres high. Now, pesticide applications are possible until late in the growing season,” Kevin says. Carbon fibre beams, which are much lighter, are the next exciting technological advancement that shines on the horizon.

    For the fruit farmers there is a new narrow tractor with a narrow cabin, perfectly suited for work in orchards and vineyards.

    The RSX 860i-Gator is also redesigned for the adventurous farmer. With extra power and an independent full Fox chassis, a farmer can drive up to 90 km/h.

    Spare parts

    Farmers who do not know how to get rid of old filters of any brand, can now hand them in at their John Deere dealer and receive discount on new filters, while the promotion is still valid.

    To prevent the rush before the planting, season starts, John Deere now offers a huge special offer on planter parts.

    Kevin Lesser will refer you to the correct John Deere department. Contact him at +27 (0) 82-807-2603 or +27 (0) 11-437-2600 or send an e-mail to LesserKevin@JohnDeere.com

    Feature photo: Ansie Kotze and Renico Lombard with the brand new John Deere 8600i silage harvester.

    John Deere
    Chaitanya Mamadupur from India demonstrates the affordable telematic system for small farmers.
    John Deere
    A visitor to NAMPO could go on a technological trip in the hall at the John Deere stand.
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    Paul Bester van die Pinzgauers is oorlede

    Paul Bester

    Paul Bester, groot beesboer, voorsitter van die Pinzgauer-telersgenootskap en kuddebestuurder van die ZZ2-stoetery by Mooketsi, is verlede week vermoedelik aan kanker oorlede.

    Sy familie en mense in die beesbedryf is hartseer om afskeid te neem van ‘n man, pa, oupa, broer, vriend en leier.

    Paul was sedert 2006 voorsitter van die Pinzgauer- en PinZ²yl-telersgenootskap en hy was by ZZ2 se stoetery verantwoordelik vir die teling van PinZ²yl-beeste met Nguni-koeie en Pinzgauer-bulle. Hy was ‘n bekende gesig by veeskoue met sy breërandhoed en stapkierie.

    ‘n Gedenkdiens ter nagedagtenis van Paul Bester sal gehou word by ZZ2 Mooketsi, Grootboom-plaas op Vrydag, 25 Augustus om elfuur.



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    Merino Landskaap hou suksesvol veiling


    Die Merino Landskaap Genootskap het op Woensdag, 16 Augustus ‘n baie suksesvolle Nasionale Veiling in Bloemfontein aangebied.

    Daar is 32 stoetramme verkoop vir ‘n gemiddeld van R15 828 met die hoogste prys van R48 000 wat vir twee ramme betaal is.  Die drie kudde-ramme aangebied op die veiling is verkoop vir gemiddeld R12 000.  Tien ooie is aangebied en verkoop vir gemiddeld R4 130 met die hoogste prys wat behaal is R7 250.

    Al hierdie pryse is nuwe rekords vir die Merino Landskaap Genootskap.

    BKB was die afslaer van die veiling.

    Merino Landskaap

    Pieter Vusimo, JJ van der Walt (afslaer, BKB), Izak van Zyl (verkoper van Leeudoringstad), Naas Rautenbach (koper van Standerton). Ooi met lam verkoop vir R7 250.

    Merino Landskaap

    JJ van der Walt (afslaer, BKB), Karel du Plessis (BKB, Kroonstad), Ben du Plessis (verkoper van Koppies).  Die ram is verkoop vir R48 000 aan Naudesvleis Plase van Bethlehem.

    Merino landskaap

    JJ van der Walt (afslaer, BKB), Johan du Toit (verkoper van Mortimer),  Ben du Plessis (koper van Koppies) en Karel du Plessis (BKB, Kroonstad).  Die ram is verkoop vir R48 000.

     Bron: Merino Landskaap

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